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Timber Sales
This service is tailored to help landowners best manage their timber resources. Growing and selling standing timber can be an important aspect  of managing and maintaining your forestland investment. Our service helps to insure you are harvesting in a regulated and sustainable way. Beginning with a good cutting prescription that will help you to achieve specific goals, trees are first marked and measured, then sold by competitive bidding. This helps realize the greatest value the market can bear for your timber.  Contracts are designed to give maximum protection with reputable timber harvesting contractors. On site supervision is provided to insure that the entire harvest job is conducted within the specifications of the contract, and that all final cleanup work has been completed. Harvesting contractors are required to provide proof of proper insurance coverage and a cash performance bond to be held until the timber sale contract has been satisfied.

Forest Management Plans
Forestry plans are a compilation of vital data and information regarding a specific tract of forestland. These plans can be written for eligibility in the N.Y.S. Forest Tax Law (Sec. 480-A; up to 80% tax reduction), the Watershed Forestry Program (provides funding toward the cost of plan development), Forest Stewardship Program, the Regenerate New York program, and other forest management programs.
Forest Management Plans are written and designed to be used as a tool to help the forest owner to achieve their landownership goals and objectives. Plans usually consist of inventories of the available resources. Resources can include; timber, soils, water, wildlife, maps (may include aerial photos), forest cover types, U.S.G.S. topographic maps, and property boundaries. Recommendations on how to achieve your specific resource and financial goals are the key to a useful forest management plan. Management strategies are then developed based on available resources and the vision and goals you have for your forestland. 

Forest Appraisals

Used to determine the value of the standing timber on your forestland for the purpose of sales or establishing a cost basis for your timber resources. Forest inventory data is collected from your forestland using "prism point sampling" methods.  Statistical analysis of the inventory data is then used to compile reports of the species of trees, estimated timber volumes, the value of all standing timber, and cordwood/pulpwood based on current market conditions. Future estimations of value based on growth can also be made. 

Boundary Services

Knowing the location of property boundaries and keeping them well marked is very important. It can help to prevent all types of trespass, as well as make for good neighborly relations with adjacent landowners. We can help you re-locate previously surveyed boundary lines and mark them with either flagging ribbon, high quality boundary marking paint, or with posted signs.

Roads and Trails 

Maximize the access and enjoyment of your forest by well designed forest roads and trails. Good trails are essential for all types of activities, from hiking to ATV riding and for a host of other recreational purposes. Well designed and constructed roads/trails also help to prevent soil erosion as well as minimizing trail maintenance. 

We can help you with the process of mapping and designing trails from lay out to construction. Most trail systems can be designed to provide multiple uses, from forest management activities to a variety of recreational pursuits.

Timber Trespass and Damage Appraisal
This service is provided in cases where trees have been harvested, or property damages have been incurred without an owners knowledge or permission. An attorney will generally require an assessment of the damages to be provided by a professional forester. In the event that a case goes to trial, expert witness can also be provided.
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