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Prism use for inventory plot

Anthony Del Vescovo

Anthony Graduated from S.U.N.Y. college of environmental science and forestry at Syracuse University in 1979  with a Bachelor of science in environmental resource management.  Anthony is a member of, and a Certified Forester, through the Society of American Foresters,  a member of the New York State Cooperating Consulting Forester program, a member of the New York Institute of Consulting Foresters, a Watershed Qualified Forester and a Certified Tree Farm Inspector with the American Tree Farm Society.  With experience both at a sawmill and as a logger he understands the process and details that need to be considered when managing woodlands. Anthony founded his consulting forestry business in 1981 and now has more than 40 years experience helping forestland owners efficiently manage their forest resources. This is done through careful planning and expertise to ensure the sustainability and future health of your forestland. 

Marking Hemlock timber.

Jeremiah Snowden

Jeremiah began working alongside Anthony and learning forest managment in 2012. Through  10+ years of experience coupled with detailed training, Jeremiah has developed an extensive knowledge of all aspects of forestland managment. His eye for detail and awareness of future impact, make him an incredible asset and gives him an experienced perspective when it comes to managment planning. He is also the link to the future of consulting forestry services by Adforester.

Experience and Expertise

As with any profession, knowledge and expertise in specific areas of practice are enhanced and sharpened with years of experience in a given area. The areas of experience and expertise Anthony has acquired are primarily in timber management, sales and in forest management planning, especially regarding implementation of the New York State Forest Tax Law, (sec. 480-a) forest land tax exemption program. In more recent years much experience has been gained working with the Watershed Agricultural Program, as a Watershed Qualified Forester, enabling landowners to receive funding, (grant money) to offset the cost of forest management services on properties which lie within the bounds of the New York City Watershed in the Catskill Mountain region.  


Stewardship Philosophy
"I believe that the management of our natural  resources is all about stewardship.  Being a steward of our forest and associated resources carries a sense of responsibility to care for something that extends beyond our personal lives, and which may affect the quality of lives in future generations. I consider the use of trees and wood products as an absolutely essential part of what life should be. The better we understand the science and application of good conservation practice, the better we can manage this incredible renewable resource"  -  Anthony
Forest Management Team
In recent years ADForester has expanded to having two forest technicians in addition to Anthony. These Technicians are trained directly by Anthony and assist in most facets of the consulting forestry business. This enables us to mark and prepare timber sales and forest management plans efficiently, as well as maintaining quality oversight of active harvesting operations.

Areas Served

Primary areas served are the following counties in the Greater Hudson Valley and Albany Areas:

Greene, Ulster, Schoharie, Delaware, Sullivan, Columbia, Dutchess, Rensselaer, Albany, Schenectady, Fulton and Saratoga.


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